About Danielle

Eighteen-time international award-winning author, speaker, literacy advocate, freelance writer, Danielle A. Vann, also known as “The Storyteller” officially started her writing career at the tender age of seventeen inside a newsroom.

Spending years as a script writer, assignment editor, reporter and evening/morning anchor, Danielle earned an Oklahoma Broadcast Education Associate award, an Associated Press Award, and an Emmy nomination alongside her NBC Newschannel 4 family during her time in television news.

While breaking news, interviewing celebrities, and digging deep into politics intrigued Vann, she wanted a bit more. Writing novels was just the ticket.

While Danielle started her publishing career as a children’s picture book author, she is best known for her internationally award-winning Young Adult four-part series, The Whizbang Machine. Book 1, The Whizbang Machine, and Book 2, Tunney's Curse, have been highly-reviewed and awarded. Vann has received eighteen international and national awards and was named to the prestigious Texas Library Association's Texas Bluebonnet longlist. She is also an inductee of the Texas Authors Institute of History, the only museum dedicated to preserving works by authors and those who support writing and reading in the State of Texas.

Danielle has stepped into the role of literacy advocate taking aim at raising the literacy rates in American. Working to solve illiteracy quickly became a passion after she discovered the alarming declining rates while hosting writing workshops in various school systems. 

Danielle is also the author of Gracie Lou & the Bad Dream Eater and The Very Tall Tale of Ranger, the Great Pyrenees & His Adorable Friend, Miss Keys. She co-authored the inspirational nonfiction book Building Faith Through A Carpenter’s Hand with The Learning Channel’s (TLC) and A&E’s celebrity carpenter Brandon Russell.

Danielle has been featured numerous times on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, iHeartRadio, USA Network Radio, Sirius Radio, and nationally syndicated radio and podcasts around the United States and Canada. Her work has been featured in/on Foreword Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, Story Monster Ink, Mansfield Magazine, Mansfield Now, at numerous book festivals including the Bologna Italy Book Festival, the Book Expo of America, and BookCon. Her work has even been featured in the White House and the Halls of Congress in D.C.

Vann is the co-host of Storyrocket Live on Facebook. Join her and two-time Emmy-award winner Ana Benitez live twice a month @StoryrocketLive.

Danielle recently became a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, a certified Life Coach, and earned a life coaching specialty certification in Mindfulness. As a natural speaker, Vann speaks on such topics as: Life balance, Fear, Shame, and Grief, Building a Solid Relationship with Self, Practicing the Pause, Trust and Honor, Confidence and Flipping the Script to Gratitude & Joy, to name a few. In relation to publishing, Vann covers such topics as the state of publishing today, marketing, and how to write your story. Vann has helped over a hundred authors to bring their work to life.

She currently lives in Houston with her husband, Todd, and their three children, Delaney, Madison, and Chappell.

FUN FACT: While in Journalism school, Danielle made it to the second round of auditions for Jeopardy!. No, not because she is brilliant and stores too many useless facts in her head (because she does), but to be a member of Jeopardy’s first Clue Crew.




Awards & Nominations

The Whizbang Machine: Book 1

All awards were in the Young Adult genre


International Readers’ Favorite Book Awards: Finalist

Literary Classics: Seal of Approval

Earned Five Star Review Seal from Readers’ Favorite


Nominated to the Texas Library Association’s 2018 – 2019 long list for the Master List & Bluebonnet Award

Amsterdam Book Festival & Writing Contest:  Winner

International Literary Classics Writing Awards: Silver Medal

San Francisco Book Festival & Writing Contest: Runner-Up

North Texas Book Festival & Writing Contest: 2nd Place

          New York Book Festival & Writing Contest: Runner-Up

          Hollywood Book Festival & Writing Contest: 2nd Place


The Whizbang Machine: Tunney’s Curse, Book 2

All awards were in the Young Adult genre


Royal Dragonfly Book Award: First Place

International Literary Classics Writing Awards: Gold Medal

Midwest Book Festival & Writing Contest: Winner

2017 Readers’ Favorite International Contest: Honorable Mention

New York Book Festival & Writing Contest: Runner-Up

Hollywood Book Festival & Writing Contest Honorable Mention

          Earned Five Star Seal from Readers’ Favorite

Literary Classics: Awarded: Seal of Approval


Ranger & Keys



Readers' Favorite Five-Star Seal


Gracie Lou & The Bad Dream Eater



Readers' Favorite Five-Star Seal


Building Faith Through A Carpenter's Hands

nonfiction memoir/self-help


         Readers' Favorite Five-Star Seal                   



The art of writing does not come simply, nor is it free, for even the most talented of wordsmiths. It is a process—a bloody, sweaty, mess of tears process. At the end, when the work is done and the chapters are closed, the author walks away with a bit of their soul missing. But do not worry, that is after all what is meant to be. Because, only then is a beautiful legacy left for the world to remember the very best of its creator.”

- Danielle A. Vann