The Whizbang Machine, Tunney's Curse, Book 2

"Curses, family secrets, a girl who clings to life after disaster, and a danger that rages out of control, affecting families, destinations, and a power struggle...a solidly engrossing read packed with twists, turns, and well-drawn characters."

- Midwest Bookwatch

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Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Yale clings to life. Her plan to save the Whizbang machine backfires. As her grandfather Jack feverishly works to save her, the Whizbang factory begins to topple down around them. Narrowly escaping, the pair realizes the Whizbang machine is missing. As Tunney's curse rages out of control, no one in the quaint Dutch town of Leiden is safe, and no one is free from suspicion either. Jack and Elizabeth must follow the clues Elizabeth's deceased father, Jesse, left behind to unravel the secrets of George Tunney's shady past and stop the curse. This all must be done before Elizabeth's mother's 40th birthday―which is mere days away. As they dig, the pair, alongside Detective Henry, are sent on a wild chase that takes them into the dark underbelly of the Netherlands, into the city's canals looking for a sunken clock, through the private chambers of a Queen, and into the dark face of danger. Each new secret exposed deepens the mystery. Will they gather the clues and stop the curse in time? Is someone among them really working for the other side? Will someone fall to the curse once and for all?



The Whizbang Machine, Tunney's Curse Book 2

"Fast-paced, heart-stopping action, as the exciting continuation of the first book heats up taking on more history, more mystery, more action and adventure. Vann’s stories are thoroughly entertaining to read.”

Readers’ Favorite

“Vann knocks it out of the park again! Mystery and supernatural elements are paired with strong characterization, believable scenarios and motives, and a host of challenges keeps Elizabeth and Jack on their toes. You simply won’t be able to put it down!”

Diane Donovan, Sr. Editor of Midwest Review

“Author Danielle A. Vann displays rare talent as a story-teller in this thrilling book which will leave readers anxiously awaiting the sequel to this delightfully engaging read.”

Literary Classics

"Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Yale and her Grandpa are trying to solve a mystery, but not just any mystery... if they aren't successful and soon, it could mean the end of the world, literally. This is the perfect book for teens: a fantasy world with amazing characters, a grand adventure with plenty of surprising twists and turns, and wonderful invention such as the Whizbang machine, which is now missing and feared to be in enemy hands. This story is non-stop action with chases, underground tunnels, and even a family curse. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for the next book in the series.”

 Story Monster Ink Magazine


Awards & Nominations

The Whizbang Machine: Tunney’s Curse, Book 22017

Royal Dragonfly Book Award: First Place

International Literary Classics Writing Awards: Gold Medal

Midwest Book Festival & Writing Contest: Winner

2017 Readers’ Favorite International Contest: Honorable Mention

New York Book Festival & Writing Contest: Runner-Up

Hollywood Book Festival & Writing Contest Honorable Mention

          Earned Five Star Seal from Readers’ Favorite

Literary Classics: Awarded: Seal of Approval