Danielle A. Vann has been featured in some of the literary world’s top publications. Critics and reviewers have called Vann’s writing “enthralling,” “captivating,” and have even called her “the next up and coming author to watch for.

Noteworthy Reviews:

The Whizbang Series (Young Adult)

“An enthusiastic story of action, magic, and familial secrets.” KIRKUS Review

“Mystery and supernatural elements are paired with strong characterization, believable scenarios and motives. Vann is the next up and coming author to watch for.” D. Donovan, Sr. Editor of Midwest Review

“Vann’s characters are well-defined and authentic. The plot is superb, mingling history with mystery.” Readers’ Favorite

“Author Danielle A. Vann displays rare talent as a story-teller. This thrilling book series will leave readers anxiously awaiting the next sequel to this compelling and delightfully engaging read.” Literary Classics

“Vann’s “Tunney’s Curse” is unlike most. A perfectly clean, enchanting book for teens pulls you into a fantasy world with amazing well-written characters, a grand adventure with plenty of surprising twist and turns, and wonderful inventions such as the Whizbang machine, which is now missing and is feared to be in enemy hands. This story is non-stop action with chases, underground tunnels, and even a family curse. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for the next book in the series.” Diana Perry for Story Monster Ink Magazine, November 2017 edition

“Danielle A. Vann has crafted an exciting, fast-paced novel for young adults. She keeps you enthralled with an electrifying story. You will not believe the ending.” Katherine Boyer, Retired Librarian and Executive Director of the North Texas Book Festival

“Fair warning: Don’t start reading this series unless you have budgeted enough time because it is written with an irresistible spell. You get absorbed into the world, the sensations, and the mental workings of the protagonist. This is a story that features very complex and enjoyable characters on a perilous mission. The writing is impeccable, the pacing moving like a whirlwind, and readers are carried along on the tide. The setting is also wonderfully designed, keeping readers captivated and gripped tightly. Tunney’s Curse by Danielle A. Vann is an awesome fantasy read, a page-turner with incredible grip from the start.” Ruffina Oserio, 5 Star Review, Amazon Vine Reviewer/Readers’ Favorite

“I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and had high hopes for the second one. Let me tell you this did not disappoint! It had the same great feel of the first, which unless skilled, most authors miss. I really enjoyed reading Tunney’s Curse and am ready to see more compelling writing within this series and this author. Vann’s ability had me hooked on page one.” Kathryn McLeer, NetGalley Reviewer, 5 Stars

Any time I can read a book that is so clean, yet so adventurous, it is a win-win situation. It is a win for me because I can recommend it to my students and parents. It is a win for my students because they are in for an adventure they won’t want to end. Most young kids have never seen or touched a typewriter. They may have seen pictures. They have so many different fonts available with computers today. The author used old typewriter font throughout the book so the reader knows when the typewriter is putting out a message. This is what I call charming. One of my students thought it was cool because they had seen papers at their grandmother’s house that looked the same.

The adventures keep readers turning the pages. They are carried along on the adventure. The reader never feels like they are on the outside of the story reading along. It is more a feeling of traveling with Jack and Elizabeth as a third member. It has a creepy, mysterious feel to it. These are all elements I love in a book. I kept thinking about the dangerous aspects they find themselves in and if I would be the kind of grandparent to go on that adventure with a grandchild. I’d like to think I am adventurous enough I would, or that my grandchildren could persuade me to. I definitely recommend this book to young and old alike. There are so many great things about it. You have a curse, a mystery, travel, history, and one adventure after another. I am definitely anxiously waiting for the next book by this author
.”  Sandra K. Stiles, Amazon Vine Reviewer, 5 Stars

“I really loved this book! This story has suspense and intrigue and in my humble opinion is written by a master storyteller. The secret in this page turning story, is in the words that are snippets of power, irresistible courage, patience, and fortitude.” Ladyp50, Amazon Reader review, 5 Stars (Whizbang Machine, Book 1)

Early, pre-publication reviews for get your life together, girl (women’s self-help/motivational)

“Danielle Vann's book provides a perfect balance between insights, truths, and 'how-to' admonitions, tempering these with just the right amount of examples from her own life and growth to help readers understand not only their own paths to freedom and better attitudes, but how these may be achieved. If only one motivational book were chosen for years of growth and study, it should be Get Your Life Together, Girl: Imperfect Life Lessons from the Storyteller. It weaves an educational, compelling story with life truths that were hard-earned by the author—but the path will be easier for readers because someone has already done the hardest work of all: synthesizing these life experiences into a formula for success.D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer for Midwest Review

Get Your Life Together, Girl is a well thought out self-help guide designed from pure and powerful experiences. This is not the typical self-help book full of the usual do’s and don’ts that usually don’t help at all. Vann provides seven key areas to help the reader focus on the truth… then outlines how to push past this negativity and become stronger individuals. I love how blunt and honest Vann is when she shares her own experiences and gives her insights with point-blank accuracy, add her humor, it’s a win-win. I believe Vann’s self-help guide belongs in libraries, doctors' offices, anywhere women are, because her experiences and bold truths would definitely help women see themselves in a new, positive light. Get Your Life Together, Girl is the product of a simple question which leads me to believe that Vann has much more to share that would be highly beneficial to women everywhere and I hope to see more of her writing in the future.Amy Raines for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Star

 “Get Your Life Together, Girl: Imperfect Life Lessons from the Storyteller by Danielle A. Vann is a perfect amalgamation of self-help and memoir. One many have tried to capture, including current bestsellers, but failed. The author has very aptly utilized this tool and handed over each of her lessons. She feels we could extract a pearl of wisdom from each event -- good or bad -- that happens in life. She encourages her readers to sit down and analyze various moments of their lives and extract only facts from them. Weaving these basic, yet powerful life lessons into her work, the author has proved her worth as an excellent storyteller and a very brilliant writer.” Ankita Shukla, Blogger, Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite 5-star

Ask me which book I most enjoyed reading and reviewing so far this year, and my answer without hesitation is Get Your Life Together, Girl by Danielle A. Vann. It took me longer to read this book than most books of this length because I couldn’t stop taking notes! So many sentences, thoughts, suggestions jumped out at me… There were superb chapters on marriage, coping with children, spending (wasting?) time on social media, selfie-obsession and so much more that each note could be a graphic meme or a daily posting for anyone who needs a pick-me-up or reminder. Read Get Your Life Together, Girl to literally get your life together NOW!Five-Stars, Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite  

 “A well-presented and surprisingly interesting self-help book.Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Blogger & Readers’ Favorite Reviewer, 5-Star review

Building Faith (Self-help/memoir)

This most "Inspiring" book, is a true "Testament" of Brandon Russell's Christian Life's Journey... "Built" on self-made "Lessons", getting him through the Challenges and the Blessings, of a very Multi-faceted and Brilliantly Talented Life...!!! "Carpenter"... I Loved your Story, and look forward to you sharing future "Lessons"... of Your Life's Wonderful Journey... Perhaps in Book #2... ?!? I Love This One...!!! Vann and Russell give you a roadmap for life. Amazon Reviewer 

This is one man’s story of faith and how it can be applied to your everyday life. I do not watch much television but the description was intriguing to me so I wanted to read this book of one man’s journey. He has provided tools you can apply to your everyday life and walk your own path of faith. For a celebrity, he has made it an easy read. I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC. Having read Danielle A. Vann’s work, her voice certainly carried Russell’s story in the way only she could.” Netgalley Reviewer

Gracie Lou & the Bad Dream Eater (Children’s picture book)

Gracie Lou has a problem. Every night a bad dream monster keeps her awake. She wakes her parents up until one of them sleeps with her or she crawls into their bed. Her dad and mom are tired of getting no sleep. Dad decides to become the Bad Dream Monster Eater. Will his plan work? This is a wonderful story to read to children who fear going to bed alone at night.Netgalley Reviewer

“Who hasn’t had a bad dream? Danielle A. Vann puts children to ease with an adorable, yet, monstrous tale! Gracie Lou & the Bad Dream Eater is inventive. If your child has nighttime troubles, read Gracie Lou. This spunky little girl can make any kiddo giggle and then sleep through the night. Vann has superb talent.” Netgalley Reviewer

“Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater by Danielle A. Vann is the delightful story of Gracie Lou who is scared of the Bad Dream Monster that comes to her bedroom every night when she goes to bed. And every night she manages to run out of her room to sleep in between her parents. Gracie Lou's father becomes the Bad Dream Eater to scare away the monster in the room. The Bad Dream Monster comes to Gracie Lou's bedroom that night with another friend, Pink, which - unlike the name - is scary with a long tongue and finger nails. Laney, Gracie Lou's sister, comes up with a plan of having warning posters to keep the monsters out of the bedroom. Will they finally be able to chase away the two monsters from Gracie Lou's room? Will Gracie Lou finally be able to sleep in her room?

Children will love the adventures of Gracie Lou and the two monsters. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life and movement into the plot and scenes; they also give all the characters a personality of their own. Grandparents and parents can use this as a bedtime story book and it also makes a good story for read aloud sessions in classrooms and libraries. The storyline is very cute, along with the character of Gracie Lou. The Pink Monster, Bad Dream Monster and Bad Dream Eater are very original and will excite kids. I enjoyed reading the book and I am sure all children will enjoy it too.”
Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

Ranger & Keys (Children’s picture book)

“Ranger and Keys by Danielle A. Vann is the story of Ranger, the Great Pyrenees, whom Miss Keys, the Skunk, meets on Miss Darlene Doppler Darcy's unique farm. Miss Keys' momma has been around humans for a while and knows how to do a few dance steps, and she longs to be a STAR! She leaves in search of fame and glory. Darlene introduces Miss Keys to Ranger and the bright side of the story begins from there when they become good friends. They decide to see the world and they set off. The news of their travels spreads far and wide and everyone who saw them took pictures. One night during their travels, snow sets in. Though Ranger wraps Miss Keys in his fur, she is still cold. Miss Lollie, a ranch hand, takes them home, gives them food, and keeps them warm. But Ranger and Miss Keys realize that they are missing Miss Darlene and her farm. Will Miss Lollie take them back home?

It's a beautiful story with a beautiful message that 'home is truly the best place to be.' The illustrations are as adorable as the characters, Ranger and Miss Keys, and they breathe life and movement into the story. The book speaks about love, friendship, and the importance of home. It's a good bedtime storybook, and parents and grandparents can read the adventures of Ranger and Miss Keys to their kids and grandkids. The story is also good for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.
Manta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

"You will be hooked as soon as you begin reading! A taleof an unlikely pair who on their journey of adventure experience excitement, fear, bravery, and some very important decisions."
Traci Browder, Educator

A very delightful book with a great lesson! Danielle Vann is a superb author and is writing children's books that surpass run of the mill stories. The characters are all about friendship, trust and love of home. I really enjoyed this book and will now pass it on to my granddaughter. A great book!Diane H. Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars