Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater

"Adorable! Beware of pink monsters that go bump in the night! Every kid needs this in their collection!"

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It has been precisely six years, fifteen days, eleven hours, and some odd minutes since the wildly outrageous, spunky six-year-old Gracie Lou has had a good night's sleep, or “honk-shoo” as she calls it. Like most children her age, Gracie Lou is downright terrified of a shaggy-haired, six-eyed, horny-spiked bad dream monster that creeps into her room and creates a major ruckus every night. As the problem grows, Gracie Lou's daddy turns himself into the Bad Dream Eater. Like any good Bad Dream Eater, he promises to swallow any rotten monster that dares to wake his darling Gracie Lou, if she is brave enough to face her fears. Yet, Daddy's plan is foiled when the bad dream monster does something most unexpected. He brings along a friend! The newest monster has Gracie Lou shaking in her sheets. Tired of sleepless nights, the Bad Dream Eater creates a spectacular plan. But the question is, will Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater defeat the monsters once and for all? Or do the bad dream monsters win and bring more friends to go bump in the night? Join Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater as they take on the bad dream monster world one shaggy monster at a time!



Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater

“Gracie Lou has a problem. Every night a bad dream monster keeps her awake. She wakes her parents up until one of them sleeps with her or she crawls into their bed. Her dad and mom are tired of getting no sleep. Dad decides to become the Bad Dream Monster Eater. Will his plan work? This is a wonderful story to read to children who fear going to bed alone at night.”

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“Gracie Lou and the Bad Dream Eater by Danielle A. Vann is the delightful story of Gracie Lou who is scared of the Bad Dream Monster that comes to her bedroom every night when she goes to bed. And every night she manages to run out of her room to sleep in between her parents. Gracie Lou's father becomes the Bad Dream Eater to scare away the monster in the room. The Bad Dream Monster comes to Gracie Lou's bedroom that night with another friend, Pink, which - unlike the name - is scary with a long tongue and finger nails. Laney, Gracie Lou's sister, comes up with a plan of having warning posters to keep the monsters out of the bedroom. Will they finally be able to chase away the two monsters from Gracie Lou's room? Will Gracie Lou finally be able to sleep in her room?"

“Children will love the adventures of Gracie Lou and the two monsters. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life and movement into the plot and scenes; they also give all the characters a personality of their own. Grandparents and parents can use this as a bedtime story book and it also makes a good story for read aloud sessions in classrooms and libraries. The storyline is very cute, along with the character of Gracie Lou. The Pink Monster, Bad Dream Monster and Bad Dream Eater are very original and will excite kids. I enjoyed reading the book and I am sure all children will enjoy it too.”

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“Creative, adorable, Vann has a truly terrific imagination. Pink monsters are truly the scariest!”                            

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