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44 percent of our nation’s adults are reading and writing at a fourth-grade level. What’s scarier is that 19 percent of students that graduated last year did so without knowing how to read. To make matters worse, the White House just released its proposed budget for 2019. It slashes federal funding for a vital tool in education—our libraries and museums. 

My name is Danielle A. Vann. I am an author of young adult books, and for a number of years, I’ve been working to drive literacy and reading. And now, I’m asking you to join me. Here’s why! Those proposed budget cuts come at the tune of roughly a hundred and 83 million dollars to the Library Services and Technology Act. It also proposes to eliminate the $27 million to Literacy programs provided through the Department of Education. If this passes it will greatly impact libraries, public schools, charters, and universities around the country. 

So, what does that mean to you? It means schools will find it even harder to acquire and provide books, resources, and the training needed to provide literacy programs to their students. It also means our sacred houses of learning—our libraries will be forced to cut community outreach programs: like summer reading programs and adult education, reduce the number of available resources, and in some towns, there will be a real possibility of closing the doors.

You are probably asking yourself, what can I do. I’m only one person.  Yes, you are, and your voice counts. It’s time to write a letter to your representatives. Go to www.senate.gov and there you will find links to your Senator’s email, Washington address, and their website.

For the House of Representatives go to www.house.gov and type in your zip code under Find Your Representative. There you can narrow down your representative based on where you live.

I’ve already done the work for you. Included above are two sample letters: one for the Senate and one for the House.  All you have to do is change the highlighted parts and send it via email or drop it in the mailbox.  

Tweet Congress with the hashtags #nocuts and #saveourlibraries. You can also Log on to the American Library Association’s Action Center and send an email to Congress through their system. That’s www.ALA.org. #FUNDLIBRARIES

Remember #nocuts and #saveourlibraries.


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