Seasoned Speaker, Emcee, and Host


An author and speaker brings more to the table than just a great book! Using compelling
anecdotes and a natural storyteller style, Danielle A. Vann’s high-energy keynotes and workshops
engage listeners/attendees and leaves them filled with insight, motivation, and a working roadmap to
key topics. An articulate speaker, Vann has graced both small and large stages as a host, emcee,
workshop leader, and interviewer. With a background in television, news speaking is a natural fit.

While each speech is tailored to the individual client or event’s needs, Vann’s recent keynote speeches have included such topics as:

Self-help/life coaching/mindfulness/ Women’s motivational speaking:

  • How to Get Your Life Together and Stay Sane While Doing It

  • Finding Your Passion and Purpose While Living in the Doing of Life

  • Using Mindfulness in Your Daily Life

  • How to Go From Broken to Grounded & Productive

  • How to Take Your Life Back After Loss

  • The Parenting Mantra: Healthy Relationships with Your Children

  • I Should Have Loved Her Sooner—Confidence and Honor of Self

  • Dropping Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Dropping the Labels & Putting Up Healthy Boundaries

  • The Cost of Peace

  • Flipping the Script: Gratitude & Joy

  • Living in the NOW!

  • What’s Your Legacy: Empowerment comes via responsibility

  • Fear & Courage: How to silence “The Storyteller”

  • Introducing You to the Real Author of Your Life—You!


  • Literacy in America: Focusing on Education

  • Mindless Progressing & Literacy

  • State verse the Department of Education—U.S. Children are losing ground



  • How to Take Risk Both in Writing & Life

  • How to Get Started as a Writer/Author

  • How to Build an Audience and Author Platform

  • Weaving the Fabric of a Story

  • Writing Fiction From a Seasoned Children’s/Young Adult Author

  • Turning Every No Into a Yes—negatives are actual positives

  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing—plotting the course

  • Finding Motivation—not only in writing, but life

  • Playing the Cards We are Dealt

  • How to Garner Awards as an Author

  • Book Business Plans

  • Publishing: Traditional v Self-Publishing, The State of Affairs Today 

Danielle has also developed a hands-on, interactive writing Young Author’s workshop for College-level, High school, and down to first grade. For more information, click here.

To hire Danielle for your next event, please contact her directly at or use the contact form. Additionally, you may book her through Allen Media Strategies